Air India Express Airlines: Provides free Checked Baggage Allowance to the Passengers

Air India is offering free checked package service allowance to those sections of passengers who come under the sections of child and adult fare. The other things on which the free baggage allowance depends on is the country and class of travel. It also depends on the weight and the piece system.

Piece and Weight limitations
The piece system is currently being applied to all the flights which are bound to Canada and USA. The weight system is applicable to all the other flights which are on Air India 1/2 s network.

Piece and Weight Limitations for Executive Class
In the piece system, both the free checked Air India domestic baggage allowance and the Air India express baggage allowance have been divided into two distinct classes. The first is the 1st or executive class. Each passenger is allowed two pieces of baggage with their linear dimension of each piece of baggage being not beyond 62 inches or 158 centimeters. There are also weight limitations present besides the size limitations. The weight of each bag must not be more than 32 kilograms or 70lbs.

Piece and Weight Limitations for Economy Class
The second is the economy class and the economy plus class. Here also Air India has permitted two pieces of luggage for each passenger and their linear dimension of (HxLxW) should not exceed 107 inch or 273 cm.
The weight limit given to each bag is 50 lbs or 23 kg. The children’s free checked baggage allowance is the same as the adult baggage allowance. In every class of travel of the airlines, the infant passengers are allowed one baggage which can carry a collapsible stroller/cot or car seats. The limit given to the linear dimensions is 45 inches or 115 cm. There are certain conditions which have to be met in order to get the free baggage allowance permitted from Air India. The weight limit of the baggage in the first class is 40 kilograms, is 30 kilograms for the executive class and for the economy class it is just 20 kilograms. The baggage limit for infants is 10 kilograms but seat is not permitted to them.

Free Space for Infants
The available free space for the infants can be used for carrying one collapsible stroller, one car seat or one carry cot. As per the weight system, the baggage allowance for the both the children and the adults are same. Thus the Air India’s free baggage allowance scheme is able to provide suitable packages to each of its passengers.

Cabin Baggage Limitations
The cabin baggage carriage has certain limitations. The maximum baggage weight limit is only 8 kilograms. This rule applies to all classes of travel in all of the Air India’s 1/2 s network flights which are currently operating. For placing the hand baggage, the space in the closed overhead rack or the space beneath the passenger seat can be used. The linear dimensions are constrained to the limit of 45 inches or 115 centimeters.

Other Restrictions and Limitations
The Air India Domestic Baggage Allowance is for the domestic flights and the Express Baggage Allowance is designed for the international flights. The airlines apply extra charges if the baggage exceeds the weight and size limit. You can get more information about the excess baggage charges in the travel information section. If any passengers baggage is delayed, lost or gets damaged, he must contact the Air India personnel present in the arrival hall.

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